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What are Life Coaching audios?

A life coaching audio directly coaches you in a specific area of concern, and can greatly benefit you and improve your situation or relationship!  Hello! I’m Life Coach and Relationship specialist, Annalisa O’Toole, and I want to share with you how to have enriching relationships, and share a relationship building secret!  Relationship advice, solving communication problems, and providing self-improvement and self-empowerment tools are my passion! I have created audios filled with the intellectual knowledge I’ve acquired over my 10+ years in working with clients on personal development, and conflict resolution. In dating, marriage, and in dating relationships, there are many issues that can zap the romance. Then there’s the entire problem of NOT being able to find love! For some, attracting your soul mate might be your primary concern!  Good news! Whichever category fits you, by purchasing the downloadable audio that meets your needs, and listening, you can learn the guidelines I teach for improving your life, your situation, and your relationship! Whether you’re needing tips for finding love, maintaining a healthy relationship, attracting your soul mate, contemplating divorce, needing to discover your calling, or contemplate if a partner is marriage material, or even needing to reduce stress, eliminate anxiety or depression, or just simply how to get along with your x – these audios give you short, precisely to the point information on resolutions that work. Counseling sessions can be costly and can send you driving miles away from work or home to a cold office environment; sometimes to land a therapist you don’t connect with and get a weird vibe from!

Why not enjoy a relaxed setting in your own space, in your own time, with the option to repeat the audio over and over if needed, or rewind when needed, to learn the easy steps toward success! Sometimes listening to just 5-10 short steps toward improvement with simple instructions can be just the fix you need for overcoming your hardship! Let my 25 years experience in teaching, mentoring, and coaching help you get on track to positive living, better relationships, and enjoying life! Listen privately, or share your listening time with your partner for an increased opportunity to improve your relationship. These audios are great couple therapy tools that open the door to healing and working together toward solutions.

The audios or e-books alone, won’t fix your problem. Just like joining a gym, your results won’t work unless you do. You can show up to the gym, just like you can pop in your media device with headphones, but unless you APPLY the tips and guidance suggested, results will not magically show up.

Partner with me today, by ordering and listening to the best advice since Dear Abby, and Dr. Phil! Take these downloads to use for creating your own ‘Drive-time University’, or for listening at your leisure at home!

Enjoy, happy learning, and most of all…wishing you success in growing and enriching your life & relationships!

~Coach Annalisa